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Asphodel Long My dearest friend and greatest influence. Thealogian, poet, and one of the founders of the Goddess movement in Great Britain.

Monica Sjoo Artist, writer, and another founder of the Goddess movement in Great Britain. Monica has another site devoted to her work.

Jan Henning My co-editor for Wood and Water. This site contains her current stories. She is a maskmaker, but her important writing on masks and their functions is not currently available.

Max Dashu Max is an independent scholar, writer and lecturer. Her vast collection of slides on women’s history and on goddesses is an important resource.

Jocelyn Chaplin Jocelyn is a psychotherapist and painter who co-founded the Serpent Institute, whose threads weave between Mother Earth based SPIRITUALITIES (Taoism, Paganism, Shamanism, Buddhism, Sufism, Goddess Spirituality), RADICAL POLITICS (Anarchism, Socialism, Feminism, Anti racism), and PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT (Psychotherapy, Counselling, Eco-psychology, Cognitive Psychology-paradigm shifting). She holds courses combining Goddess spirituality and personal growth. She has a blog.

Judith Laura Writer and artist, author of the valuable books She Lives! The Return of Our Great Mother and Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century, which provides a new feminist approach to Kabbalah.

Graham Harvey Graham is a pagan and an academic who has written both academic and popular books (see my review) on topics such as paganism, shamanism, animism, and indigenous religions.

John and Caitlin Matthews Well known writers (My reviews of books by them) on Celtic and Arthurian myth and spirituality. They hold frequent courses and other events.

Robin Williamson Robin is best known as one of the founders of the Incredible String Band. In recent years he has been particularly interested in ancient Celtic tales and songs, and he holds regular workshops on the Bardic Mysteries.

Poppy Palin Poppy is an artist and writer. For the last few years of Wood and Water she illustrated the front cover, and some of her poems also appeared in the magazine.

Starhawk A very influential writer and teacher of earth-based spirituality  (see my reviews of Dreaming the Dark and Webs of Power). She is now particularly involved in political activism, and in relating magic to activism. She was involved in producing a film about the archaeologist Marija Gimbutas (my article about Marija). Information about the film, and a related goddess resource site, can be found at www.belili.org .

Institute of Archaeomythology The Institute is an international organization of scholars dedicated to fostering an interdisciplinary approach, as formulated by Marija Gimbutas to cultural research with particular emphasis on the beliefs, rituals, social structure and symbolism of ancient societies. The Institute encourages dialogue among specialists from diverse fields by sponsoring international conferences and symposia, by publishing papers and monographs, and by promoting creative collaboration within an atmosphere of mutual support.

Goddess Conversations This organisation arranges Goddess tours and conferences. A very successful conference and tour was held in Turkey in 2005, including a discussion with Ian Hodder and the other archaeologists at Catal Hoyuk.

Witches' Voice A useful site for news and articles on Paganism, Wicca, and related topics.

Pagan Federation The Pagan Federation is the main organisation catering to Pagans in Great Britain. Their Web site is a useful source of information, including links to other pagan groups.

Goddess Alive! One of the very few British magazines devoted to the Goddess. It has been in existence since 2002, and publishes some very fine colour photographs of sites and objects.

Matrifocus  An online cross-quarterly magazine for the Goddess Woman. Topics include Goddess scholarship and spirituality, the earth and ecology, book reviews, and other matters.

Pentacle A well-produced and illustrated British pagan magazine whose Web site has news, forums, information about mythology, and other material.

Equinox Publishing Equinox publish The Pomegranate: the International Journal of Pagan Studies and also Ecotheology: the Journal of Religion, Nature and the Environment, as well as other journals. In the summer of 2006 they published (but publication was later taken over by Routledge) Prophets, Patriarchs and Other Villains a book of biblical studies conceived by Asphodel Long — it contains one of my stories, a version of the story of Adam and Eve.

Society for Storytelling A British organisation acting as a network for storytellers, and endeavouring to raise the profile of storytelling in many ways. They have an annual conference, and their Web site lists events all over the countr

Scottish Storytelling Centre Much material about stories and storytelling, including a valuable directory of storytellers.

Beyond the Border A storytelling festival in South Wales early every other July that is always a delight, with participants from all over the world.

Festival at the Edge Another high quality storytelling festival, a week or two later than Beyond the Border, held in Much Wenlock in Shropshire.

Caerdroia and Labyrinthos My original interest in labyrinths was extended and deepened through my reading of the journal Caerdroia, which is devoted to information about labyrinths. This journal now appears annually, published by Labyrinthos, which is a Labyrinth Resource Centre. In addition to publishing Caerdroia, they publish other books and booklets, and can supply other books on labyrinths. They hold conferences, and also run some excellent tours.

Eric Maddern Eric is a storyteller, and his home at Cae Mabon www.caemabon.co.uk in North Wales is a centre for many workshops, including storytelling ones. The storytelling retreats he runs with Hugh Lupton have been a great influence on me, and have often provided an inspiration for one of the stories I have written.

Hugh Lupton Hugh is another storyteller who has influenced me.

Emerald Rose An American band, Celtic rock in style, frequently pagan in theme, reviewed here.

Anne Lister Singer-songwriter and storyteller. Her songs have often been on Arthurian and other pagan and spiritual themes. I am particularly keen on her Root, Seed, Thorn and Flower and A Flame in Avalon.

Flickr Flickr is an online photo site.  This link connects to Daniel Cohen's
section of the site, with many of his photographs.

Goddess Pages is an online and print magazine from Glastonbury with some very good material.

Medusa Coils is a blog by various writers "Fiercely defending, bravely exploring Goddess and spiritual feminisms".

Archaeomythology Research Guide is a valuable study guide with links to resources in many disciplines, including archaeology, mythology, and comparative religions.


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